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Last week, your Local’s leadership team met with UO’s Employment Labor Relations and with CAS’s leadership team (Sherri Nelson, Assoc. Dean; Jen Rea, HR; and Leslie Wolgomott, CBO) to discuss the many failings of the reorganization project enacted last fall, and to offer employee-proposed solutions. Through many one-on-one meetings with staff, a survey with a high response rate, and meetings with our OA, GE, and faculty colleagues, we developed a case that clearly described the CAS employee experience in relation to the restructuring, and what would improve conditions for all.

Sherri Nelson was receptive to the report (below), and asked us, your leadership team, to keep the line of communication open between staff and her. Of course the ideal path of communication is through immediate supervisors, but when that is not possible for whatever reason, we are ready to take your workplace issues directly to Ms. Nelson. 

Please review the report and let us know if it aligns with your experience, and if you have any direct examples of process failures or additional suggestions. Email Jennifer Smith, VP and Steward, at