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Inclement Weather

We hope you are able to stay safe and warm during this time. 

In the wake of the recent extreme weather event, we wanted to remind you that if you were scheduled to work on campus Tuesday or Wednesday, our contract period allows access to 48 hours of paid time to use in the event of Inclement Weather and a campus closure (or delayed start). 

Employees who can work remotely, and were able to do so, are not eligible for Inclement Weather pay, but could use accrued leave if necessary. If the weather impacted your ability to work remotely, then you are eligible to access Inclement Weather paid closure time.

While using UKG – Classified employees should have “inclement weather” as one of the selections under time off request and should submit a time off request for inclement weather for the time missed on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Supervisors should then be approving the time off requests for inclement weather. 

In spite of the email sent by the university on Monday evening, we have had reports that some people are being told they must use other paid time, like vacation time, to cover this. Our contract is clear on this matter and can be found here (see Article 58 beginning on page 99)

The truth is that the university granted up to 48 hours every two years to cover campus closures and delays. This was bargained for, so you have the right to claim what is yours.

If you have issues please contact the Stewards hot line at 541-346-0321.